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Tenebra Macabre
(c) 2019 Digital Monastery (Hokuto*Force Game Developing Division)

Programming by Eric Hilaire aka Majikeyric

Graphics by Nathan Asshantti aka Na_Th_An

Sound by Michael Philip Bridgewater aka Mibri

Test by Bela Erdos aka B3L4

Original game concept by The Mojon Twins

The game

Our favorite time mistress, Mega Meghan, has been locked in the dark crypt of Jurufranto Morante, the terror of Alicante. The only way out is to activate the magic candles on each screen. The bad thing is that, until she does, she will see less than the famous Pepe Leches. Luckily, the storm that has been unleashed outside is charged with lightning, and the sudden and momentary glare can help you see a little where to go...

You gain a new life every 4 activated candles.


Use joystick in port 2, use left-right and fire to jump.

Good luck!

Available for C64, CPlus/4 and VIC20 (PAL 32K required)

Download 30 kB
Feb 27, 2019 19 kB
Feb 27, 2019 20 kB
Feb 27, 2019

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