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(c) 2018 Megastyle and Protovision

Programming and graphics by Eric Hilaire aka Majikeyric

Graphics by Roy Widding aka Rotteroy

Music and sound effects by Vidar Bang aka Drumtex

The game

Prepare yourself to play pac-man like you never have done it before..

In tacky, you control 2 pac-men at the same time, eating pills and running away from the ghosts.
The pac-men are placed on the bottom of the screen, and from the above pills and ghosts are falling down.
Eat the pills by facing up, avoid the ghosts by turning your back to them.


Use joystick in port 2

Move to the left to control pacman on the left side, and move to the right to control the right pac man.

If you eat a power pill, activate it by pressing fire button

Download 8 kB
May 26, 2018

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